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Ground Floor, Main Hospital Building

(860) 496-6349

Thank you for your interest in the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Volunteer Program. We are truly grateful for our volunteers who work with us throughout the year. Their dedication to our hospital is invaluable.

Volunteering is a great way to make positive contributions to your community or explore a new career. As a volunteer, you directly contribute to our mission of providing compassionate and quality care to the people of northwest Connecticut.

Below you can find more information on the Hospital’s active volunteer program. If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Services Program office at 860-496-6349 or email:

Fun Facts

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Volunteer Program provides essential, supplementary and complementary services to patients, families, visitors and staff. The Program has over 170 volunteers in both non-clinical and clinical areas, including at the Information Desk, Gift Shop, Financial Services, and as Patient Representatives. Our volunteers range in age from 16 to 94 and log over 18,000 hours every year. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, as each volunteer can make unique contributions to the Hospital. The Volunteer Program at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital has approximately 130 traditional volunteers and over 30 junior volunteers that make a profound and positive difference in the Hospital’s daily operations.


Volunteer positions at CHH will be posted here as they become available.

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Release Statement

Please mail, fax or email completed applications to the Volunteer Coordinator


1) Time Commitment: The volunteer must commit to serving at least three to four hours each week for a minimum of six months

2) Age: The volunteer must be at least 16 years of age

3) Uniform and Badge: The volunteer must wear uniform and photo ID badge while volunteering

4) Background Check: The volunteer must consent to a thorough criminal background check

Benefits of Being a Volunteer at CHH:

1) Free influenza vaccination
2) Individuals that volunteer at least four hours will receive a free/discounted meal in the CHH cafeteria
3) Invitations to events and award ceremonies for our volunteers

Our Special Volunteers

We are very grateful to all our many current dedicated volunteers and chaplains who work with us throughout the year. Thanks for all you do!

Helen Alling
Kristine Andersen
Father Peter Aduba
Rev William Ashburn
Allan Bado
Peter Baker
Patrice Baron
John Bazzano
Daphne Bobinski
Betsy Bosco
JoJo Bosco
Theresa Brennan
Janet Bumstead
Donna Burdick
Anne Busa
John Busa
Lois Canciani
Annette Caputi
Brenda Carman
Pastor Don Carpenter
Cailyn Carr
Susan Carroll
Paul Cash
Rev Bobbie Chapman
Sally Coleman
Robert Coon
Barbara Coppinger
Patricia Cowette
Maria Cravanzola
Lauren Cristanti
Loretta Crowley
Linda Curtis
John Czechowicz
Deborah D’Angelo
Jerry Davidson
Laura Day
Martha Dickinson
Barbara Dobos
Clarise Doolittle
Jeremy Driscoll
Theo Driscoll
Ellen Durstin
Pamela Eggleston
Rabbi Joseph Eisenbach
Sima El-Ayoub
Jacqulynn Espinet
Melody Febboriello
Lilli Ferrucci
Brenna Fitzgerald
Phyllis Frink
Michael Galan
Bonnie Gangell
Linda Generali
Christopher Gibb
Helen Gozemba
Bessie Gryniuk
Sister Rosemarie Greco
Betty Greeley
Maryann Hardy
Joann Hayes
Elaine Hinchliffe
Michael Hintz
Shelby Howe
Peter Humphrey
Joyce Iffland
Judith Jacques
Krim Juhas
Heather Karpiej
Kona Karpiej
Mary Kelson
Brianna Klies
Karen Kenagy
Lauren Kess
Barbara Kreidwise
Joseph Kwashnak
Patti Kwashnak
Robert Ladenheim
Huong Lam
Rebecca Lamoin
Adam Lamothe
Susan Lapin
Martha Leach
Rebecca Lease
Wendy Lemieux
Michael Licata
Bertha Lobdell
Deborah Maccaleous
Pamela MacMaster
Courtney Magruder
Edward Manseau
Paula Manseau
Alan Marinaccio
Betty Marinaccio
Victoria Masucci
Sydney Matzko
Andrea McCormick
Margaret McEvoy
Jean McGarrity
Barry McLeod
Kali Meadows
Natalia Miasek
Lisa Miller
Thea Miller
Ava Millord
Nicole Misiorski
Lois Moraski
Marie Mordeszewski
James Morro
Kathleen Morton
Catherine-Angela Mosey
Priscilla Mosimann
Sydney Mourges
Alice Muik
Ryan Murphy
Angela Natterman
Brooke Nicholas
Babe Ochotnicky
Jeanne Orie
Monique Pace
Shawn Peters
George Piper
Muriel Popham
Edward Potter
Elizabeth Quartiero
Peter Quintard
Adele Reale
Boo Rickard
Octayvia Rickard
Mary Ann Ring
Dolores Roberts
Molly Roraback
Julie Rusiecki
Casey Saade
Diane Salius
Thomas Scarangelo
Tyler Scarpa
Chance Schapp
Kathy Schapp
Lorrie Schmidt
Amelia Schuler
Rev. Carolyn Scotti
Levi Seabock
Shirley Seger
James Seitz
Susan Serbeck
Noah Sessions
Jessica Simon
Lalantha Siriwardene
Sara Slaiby
Sarah Sottile
Rita Spino
Olivia Stagnaro
Jacqueline Stefurak-Harms
Rosalie Strano
Lisa Sullivan
Erzsebet Takacs
Julia Thompson
Joanne Tierney
Miranda Tranquillo
Elizabeth Tripp
Father Robert Tucker
Robin Turpin
Janet Vater
Gabrielle Vega
Harriet Vergaro
Patricia Walker
Esther Walters
Betsy Werner
Clare Wieduwilt
Barbara Williams
Roberta Witty
Eve Wolftrand
Mary Yorker
David Zahorsky
Patricia Zimmerman
Marie Zordan