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CHH Center for Cancer Care
200 Kennedy Drive
Torrington, CT
(860) 489-6718

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care provides the most advanced cancer detection and breast cancer treatment centers for treatment methods available. Highly specialized procedures, diagnostic and treatment capability are offered in collaboration with Yale Smilow Cancer Center with the goal of allowing the patient to receive their care locally whenever possible. In 2014 our hospital in Torrington, CT has offered to our community a Cancer’s survivors Day, lung cancer screenings, smoking cessation classes, free colonoscopy screenings, free mammogram day and provide a program for breast cancer patients that help them to navigate their treatment process with professional and emotional support from certified RN’s on staff. Quality improvements with cancer care patient safety and comfort are studied annually. One example of this would be our 2014 study of nutritional needs for head and neck cancer patients.

Patients affected by cancer in Northwest Connecticut have a desirable alternative to traveling long distances to large facilities in urban settings to receive their treatment at our hospital in Torrington, CT.

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2015 CHH Community Report on Cancer

In 2015, The CHH Radiation Oncology and Navigation Programs, Center For Cancer Care, and Yale Smilow Cancer Hospital Torrington have assisted local patients, their families, and members of the Torrington, CT community seeking information and guidance on cancer related topics and treatments. CHH’s cancer care center partner with our colleagues at the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Connecticut, and the Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills also allowed us to strengthen our community’s overall available resources in many areas.  CHH, one of the best cancer treatment centers, receives grants from the CT Department of Public Health Early Detection and Prevention Program (CEDPP) and Susan G. Komen, CT that enable the hospital to offer community education and free screenings for breast and cervical cancer to underserved women.

Free Programs at our cancer care center offered included, smoking cessation classes, Reiki, nutritional and social work consultations, spiritual care, gentle Hatha Yoga, and the annual Cancer Survivors Day celebration.

Special talks and presentations designed for Cancer patinets and their caregivers included topics such as Sleep & Fatigue Issues with Mind-body techniques, New Oral Chemotherapy Agents in the Treatment of Cancer, and Revive! Your Life After Cancer.  Also offered at our hospital in Torrington, CT were free screenings including lung cancer, colonoscopy, and mammography for eligible people in the northwest corner. CHH’s cancer care center also produced and aired public service announcements throughout the year reminding the community to get their annual mammograms, offered skin cancer prevention tips and information on innovative treatments for cancer available locally. Leslie Handleman, RN, CBPN-IC, CBE-C, the CHH Breast Health Navigator, and her team began and are working on increasing screenings for colon cancer, which is part of the national initiative to achieve 80% screening rates by 2018.   In addition, CHH’s brest cancer treatment center and its partners initiated and conducted and or participated in existing studies designed to learn more about our local cancer patient population in order to enhance overall care and treatment. These included:

  • A national study looking at Cancer patients admitted to the ICU within 30 days of dying. This showed 70% of our patients who die from a cancer related death are not in the ICU within 30 days of dying.
  • A hospital study at CHH’s cancer care center providing pastoral care to our cancer patients by the second day of admission and with follow up after discharge. Results showed CHH Pastoral care is provided 100% of the time by Day 2 Personal faith preferences are always honoredIn 2014, a CHH chaplain’s regular presence has enabled stronger staff connections that have resulted in a more vibrant pastoral care program.
  • A hospital study examining ways to reduce central line associated blood stream infections in the inpatient setting with all patients who had central lines in place. Monthly CLABSI reviews are conducted and reported to the Infection Control Committee. Due to our low volume and prioritizing of the use the Curos cap; results have been stable with no increase in infections. We will continue to monitor.
  • A Multi-specialty study was conducted to evaluate the Efficacy of setting up a Routine Speech and Swallowing Evaluation Process for Patients Beginning Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer. As a result of this study, patient referrals for speech therapy and nutritional improvements have improved significantly.  Early initiation of speech therapy has been shown to reduce rates of feeding tube dependence in these patients and improved quality of life.


Comprehensive Cancer Care for Northwest Connecticut

CHH hospital in Torrington, CT’s Radiology Services partners with the oncologists from the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Torrington. Together they offer  comprehensive and patient-centered care at the center to those seeking treatment utilizing the resources and have the capability to effectively diagnose and treat all forms of cancer. The addition the center’s powerful technology  enables it to provide the most advanced and effective form of radiation therapy, Image-Guided Radiation Therapy. With this technology, cancer care center patients have local access to the best and most comprehensive cancer care available.

A Full Range of Diagnostic, Treatment and Support Services

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care hospital in Torrington, CT offers its patients virtually everything they need to fight cancer as well as to cope and live with the diagnosis.

  • State-of-the-art oncology, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy
  • Expert, board-certified physicians from the country’s top medical schools
  • Most advanced screening technology and detection services
  • Patient participation and access to clinical trials and research protocols
  • Comprehensive, holistic patient support programs
  • Highly trained oncology nurses and therapists
  • Patient-centered educational programs
  • Financial support services

A Team of Oncologists and Therapists Working Closely Together at One Site

Since most cancers require multiple doctors and services, coordination of care is critical to successful treatment. The CHH Center for Cancer Care staff and leading physicians from the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Torrington, CT provide patients with the most innovative and exceptional care possible. Having all cancer care treatment services located in one facility enables the oncologists and other providers to work as a team, communicating often and sharing insights on individual cases. This collaboration is most important when it involves the phasing and scheduling of necessary services for patients, typically a difficult task to achieve. By bringing all of the cancer services together efficiently and effectively at one cancer care center, the Center ensures that its patients will get the most appropriate treatment option, at the time when they need it the most.

Specialized Nurses and Therapists Who have Worked Together for Many Years

The Center for Cancer Care is staffed by certified oncology nurses and radiation therapists who have specialized in working with cancer patients. Several nurses have advanced degrees in oncology. Most of the staff has worked together at the Center for many years forming a well-functioning team. The expe-rience and cohesiveness of the Center’s support staff ensures that patients will have the best cancer care possible at all levels.

Complementary Therapies – A Whole-body Approach to Cancer Treatment and Patient Support

At CHH’s Center for Cancer Care, one of the best cancer treatment centers, complementary therapies work hand-in-hand with conventional medical treatments to provide the healing interventions that focus on the mind and spirit as well as the body. They have all been designed to improve the quality of life for the cancer treatment Center’s patients and provide them with different ways to cope with their illness.  Complementary therapies have been successfully used with the Center’s patients to reduce their stress and anxiety, manage their symptoms and pain, boost their immunity and calm their mind.


A Compassionate, Caring Staff – A Peaceful Setting

Within the Cancer care Center’s comforting environment, patients and their families will be served by a caring team that proves cancer care is more than just the best technology. Every patient at our hospital in Torrington, CT is offered the strength, hope and companionship they need to deal with this difficult time and to achieve the best possible outcome.

CHH’s Center for Cancer Care is located in a serene, wooded setting that enables each patient to receive their treatment in a quiet, peaceful environment. The cancer care Center also has a meditation garden and a forest walking trail to allow patients and family members to have private moments of reflection.


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