CHH Employees Honored With Annual “Service Excellence Award”

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital has given its annual “Service Excellence Award” to a team of employees who directed the implementation of new Barcoded Medication Verification (BMV) and Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) projects recently completed at the hospital.

The honorees, Donna Denza, Sarah Fogg, Charlene Roesing, and Anne Vilhotti,
were praised for their commitment to exceptional quality of care and service to hospital patients and family members at a recent awards breakfast in December.

“This core team was the “heart and soul” and “driving force” behind the project.  They worked with staff throughout the organization to form multidisciplinary work teams who worked both on the units and behind the scenes to make the implementation an undeniable success.” said John Capobianco, Vice President of Administration and Patient Care Services. He noted that the BMV/TAR Project was one of the best planned and executed roll-outs ever at CHH.

The team led an interdisciplinary team including pharmacy staff, nursing, and laboratory personnel. The introduction of barcoding technology into practice provides opportunities to improve patient safety in the medication administration practices by addressing safety in every aspect of medication administration from the time the medication enters the pharmacy until the time it is administered to the patient.

Unlike traditional methods of written documentation, the barcode system also provides clear, legible medication documentation for physicians and nurses to following during patient care.

There were many members who worked on the implementation including Jennifer Bellefleur, Heidi Aleman, Deborah Knowles, Jane Allyn, Katie McKernan, Gail Patenaude, Stephanie Sharpe, Robin Ann Krasinski, Lori Holt, Barbara Loya, Kathryn Blake, Rene Allegrini,Visavakone (Pierre) Kettavong, Rick Daigle, Ginny Doherty, Brian Hotchkiss, Barbara Rodriquez, John Valuckas, and Peggy Teardo.

Individuals or groups are nominated by their peers for the award which highlights excellence in the areas of quality of care, service excellence, and financial improvement.  Nominees may exhibit excellent care by advocating for patients and enhancing the healthcare environment.  Additionally, candidates demonstrate service excellence by working with patients or customers in a tactful, cooperative manner and by building supportive relationships.  Financial Excellence is shown by using innovative solutions in a fiscally responsible manner.

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is a 109 bed, general acute care hospital located in Torrington, Connecticut, that serves as a regional health care resource for 100,000 residents of Litchfield County and Northwest Connecticut. CHH offers personalized attention from an expert team of caregivers and physicians that utilize advanced technology and clinical partnerships in a convenient, safe and comfortable patient environment. One Thousand Caregivers, One Job, Your Health. Visit for information.

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