CHH Offering Two High School Athletic Training Camps This Summer

CHH Offering Two High School  Athletic Training Camps This Summer

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Rehabilitation Department/Sports Medicine & Athletic Training Program is offering two new sports conditioning camps for high school athletes this summer.  Want to take your game to the next level but think you can’t afford to go to a conditioning camp?

“A Cut Above” will offer athletes a chance to improve their game without breaking the bank! Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Sport Medicine & Athletic Training Program is offering a speed, agility and conditioning camp to help our local athletes succeed during the off-season.

Did you know you can reduce your risk of an ACL injury by performing training drills that require balance, power and agility?

The Knee Ligament Injury Prevention or “KLIP” program was created to help decrease the chance of sustaining a knee injury in high school athletes. Specialized strength and balance exercises, along with muscle re-education training are proven to reduce serious knee injuries

“A Cut Above” and “KLIP” will be run by Three Nationally Certified and State Licensed Athletic Trainers from Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. The goal is to give athletes a chance to participate in a rigorous but affordable speed, agility, conditioning, and injury prevention camps.

The staff is committed to help participants achieve their full athletic potential by combining an intricate blend of strength and conditioning principles geared towards athletic achievement.

The key to success in athletics is participating in a broad range of activities and hard work in the off-season. Our specialized blend of exercises will improve performance and instill a solid exercise foundation in those who attend.

The camps will teach the athletes proper stretching techniques and a specific breakdown of athletic movements that can be applied to their sport to help reduce the incident of injury and to improve their overall strength and conditioning. The Certified Athletic Trainers will be able to modify exercises to help an athlete recover from a previous injury or a recurring injury.

The camps will utilize various plyometric and functional exercises to enhance overall physical performance for all athletes from an incoming freshman to a high-level varsity athlete.


“A Cut Above”

There are two sessions available: Monday and Wednesday sessions start week of July 2nd  thru July 25th , and Tuesday and Thursday sessions start week of July 3rd thru July 26th.

All sessions run from 4:00 – 6:00pm. Eligible participants are any incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors in high school. Price is $125.

The Knee Ligament Injury Prevention or “KLIP” program

Monday and Wednesday sessions start week of July 2nd thru July 25th

All sessions run from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Eligible participants are any incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors in high school. Price is $75.

Both the “KLIP” and “A Cut Above” programs will be held at the Torrington Middle School’s soccer fields, located at the rear of the building. The “KLIP” program will be following “A Cut Above” both sponsored by the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program.

Brochures and registration packets can be found at under the services tab entitles Rehabilitation and Therapy.

For more information, call 860 496-6669 or email us at

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