CHH Debuts Newly Designed Nurse Station on 4th Floor

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) has recently unveiled its newly improved 4th floor Nurses’ work station in order to improve patient care and provide additional space and resources to assist staff implement new health information technology. Plans are also underway to for a second project phase to incorporate the same concept to the hospital’s 5th floor scheduled to be completed late 2014.

The project includes a newly designed unit floor plan that features 17 new additional computer work stations. CHH Nurses, Physicians, Case Managers, Technicians, Clinical Unit Secretaries, and other medical professionals will now have better access to the hospital’s data management systems which they use to input data for patient’s medical records. There are now a total of 32 work stations located in five different locations throughout the floor instead of just one area. By decentralizing these stations, CHH caregivers will now be closer to patients, thereby improving response time to reach patients and supporting workflow that provides a more efficient delivery of care.

 “This project brings the full capacity of work redesign initiatives to the staff to provide a better work environment for staff and a quieter care environment for patients. We are thrilled to have the new space for our team.” said Donna Feinstein, Director of Nursing.

The new work stations will also assist with CHH’s current information technology projects including a Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system. This computerized electronic process will allow medical practitioners to input, communicate and track instructions for the treatment of patients to the medical staff and departments responsible for patient care.

 “This project will greatly improve our footprint on the patient floors and allow our staff to work more efficiently and comfortably to provide and improve patient care.” said Bill Bednarz, Director of CHH Construction Services. 

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is a 109 bed, general acute care hospital located in Torrington, Connecticut, that serves as a regional health care resource for 100,000 residents of Litchfield County and Northwest Connecticut. CHH offers personalized attention from an expert team of caregivers and physicians that utilize advanced technology and clinical partnerships in a convenient, safe and comfortable patient environment. One Thousand Caregivers, One Job, Your Health.  Visit for information.


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