Harwinton Lions Donates $750 To CHH Diabetes Center

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Diabetes Education Fund recently received a $750 donation from The Harwinton Lions Club to help fund programs and the newest continuous glucose monitoring technology for its Diabetes patients.Lions Diabetes Check 17

In what has become an annual tradition, Harwinton Lions Past President David Neri and current President Bruce Richard recently visited the center and presented a check to Dr. Egils Bogdanovics and Lois Pelletier, RN, CDE.

“Once again our friends have come through for us. We are extremely grateful that everyone at the Harwinton Lion’s Club is continuing to assist us in bringing the very latest technology available to our Diabetes patients.” said Lois Pelletier, RN, CDE, the Program Coordinator at CHH Diabetes and Endocrinology.

The donation will be used to fund new glucose monitors that are given to a patient to wear for seven days where it takes a reading of blood sugar levels every 5 minutes. The device is then returned to the center and the data collected is then analyzed by physicians. Information collected allows caregivers to study patterns and identify unrecognized periods of low blood sugar. This is then used to adjust insulin levels and offer lifestyle and medication modifications.

The Harwinton Lions raise money to support the efforts of the Diabetes Center and other organizations at fundraisers throughout the year including their annual summer concerts held at the Harwinton Fairgrounds.

Lions Club International (LCI) established a Diabetes Awareness Program to assist local Lions Clubs in conducting and supporting local and large-scale efforts leading to the control and treatment of diabetes and its complications through education, prevention, and research. Lions have worked with community healthcare organizations to provide diabetes screenings, educational programs and funding, camps, and other assistance to people with diabetes.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Diabetes and Endocrinology practice is part of the hospital’s Multi-Specialty Group and is headed Dr. Egils Bogdanovics and located just up the hill from the CHH main hospital buildings.

The practice employs new technology including the continuous glucose-monitoring device, which fits just under the skin and measures blood glucose levels every five minutes, and is as innovative as the discovery of insulin treatment. The Center also operates an American Diabetes Association recognized program to help people with diabetes, and offers insulin pump training, weight loss programs, carbohydrate counting classes, blood glucose awareness training, and continuous glucose monitoring.

The practice accepts most major insurances. For questions and to schedule an appointment, contact 860-496-2198.


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