Women’s Only 5K Obstacle Challenge August 5th

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH), the Northwest CT YMCA and Torrington Missfits Boot Camp are proud to present the 4th Annual “Stronger Women, Stronger World” 5K 2017Obstacle Challenge. The event, run exclusively for women, will be held on Saturday, August 5th at Northwestern Regional School District 7 in Winsted, CT.

“This event for women seeks to raise awareness of the issues that impact women of all ages in the northwest corner of Connecticut. It is an opportunity for us to give back to local organizations that support young girls and women being the healthiest and strongest they can be.” says Mandy Hill, race organizer.

All funds raised from the event will benefit various Women’s Non Profit Organizations in the Northwest Corner of CT.

The 5K course, open to women of all abilities, ages 10 and up,  includes natural terrain, climbing walls and hills, a tire run, hay bale hurdles and other bodyweight obstacles that will surely challenge each participant. It is a fun event that any woman can participate in –compete for top prize or run/walk and choose the obstacles you want to complete.

The 5K Obstacle Challenge starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. Restrooms, water stations, awards for individual and teams will be offered the day of the event. Registration is currently open and there is a registration fee of $40 per participant for individuals and $35 per participant for teams of 2 or more. Teams are strongly encouraged. Free T-Shirt Deadline is July 16th after which registration fees will increase to $45 individual and $40 team participant.

Day of race registration fee is $55 for individuals and $50 for each participant on a team of 2 or more.

For online registration and information, visit Active.com or contact Mandy Hill at (860)491-6911 or email at ahill@hungerford.org

Follow the race with the hashtag #STRONGERWOMENSTRONGERWORLD on your social media sites.


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