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logosAugust 5, 2016

Dear Supporter,

We are writing to you today to provide an update on The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) and Hartford HealthCare (HHC) efforts to form a future healthcare affiliation.

Both parties have recently completed their due diligence processes and have negotiated the final terms of a definitive agreement. On July 28th, the CHH Board of Governors and Corporators favorably voted on resolutions authorizing the Board Chair to enter into the definitive agreement and seek all necessary regulatory approvals. Today Hartford Healthcare’s Board took similar action and the two parties are coordinating next steps together.

With an Executive Order issued in February 2016 by Governor Malloy, final state regulatory approval for affiliation agreements such as ours is not permitted until January 2017.  This moratorium on final dispositions is expected to affect the timing of this proposed affiliation, but not the affiliation itself.  Meanwhile, we must operate as an independent providers and use the time to assure our application and early stages of state regulatory review are as strong as possible.

While timetables cannot be exact at this stage, it is expected that final approval of the affiliation may take several months.  After receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals and satisfaction of conditions to closing, the parties will close the transaction and enter into a 120 day strategic planning process that will outline the priorities, projects and plans for the affiliation in greater detail.

After years of evaluating the pros and cons of health system affiliations, CHH is excited to move forward with its decision to affiliate with Hartford HealthCare. We remain deeply committed to our goal of providing high quality healthcare to our community, and to making sure that all of our patients, staff, and community stakeholders understand the changes involved in our new path and stay informed about our progress.

Members of the hospital Board and administration appreciate the faith and trust you place in our community Hospital, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best health care possible to the people of Northwest Connecticut.

Best Regards,

Daniel J. McIntyre                                                    John E. Janco
President & Executive Director                                  Chairman, Board of Directors
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital                                   Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

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