Mission & Vision


The primary mission of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is to provide access to quality, compassionate, affordable healthcare for the people of Northwestern Connecticut.



To have grown and developed as a vibrant, independent, community-based
health care network serving as the provider of choice for the 100,000
lives in our service area, delivering a comprehensive array of health care programs and services directly, or in partnership with others.

In reaching this status, we shall:

  • Achieve clinical excellence and provide the highest quality of care;
  • Assure our staff, patients and community have confidence in our care;
  • Develop our organization and network of providers into a more effective, coordinated, competent and accountable team;
  • Improve our infrastructure and patient environment; and,
  • Strengthen our organization’s financial health.


Recognizing the worth and dignity of every human being, we fulfill our mission through the expression of core values rooted in our history, defining our present, and directing our future. Our values recognize patients, families, co-workers, colleagues and the community we serve without regard to ethnic or cultural differences, spiritual belief or lifestyle choices.  We pledge ourselves to the following values and beliefs and commit ourselves continually to seek out ways to embody them in our attitudes, services and care.

Integrity – We believe each person, whether a patient, an employee, vendor, or any agent of the Hospital has the right to be treated in an honest, fair, and appropriate manner with dignity and respect beyond economic or personal needs.

Dignity – We respect the unique nature and needs of every individual, and recognize their right to privacy, confidentiality and healthcare choices. We involve the individual and their significant others in decisions regarding their health.

Compassion – We believe in the compassionate delivery of care and advocate for those in need.  We strive to create an environment in which professionalism and caring are combined to promote healing, growth, and well-being for all.

Service/Excellence – We believe that service excellence is achieved through proactive, innovative and responsible management of our many resources, both human and technological.  We believe that this can be accomplished by a “customer first” approach in which we listen, anticipate, and strive to exceed expectations. We promote continuous learning and collaboration among health care teams in order to achieve excellence.

Community – We promote the health of all we serve and believe that partnership with the community is essential to the achievement of shared goals.  We encourage education and participation in care to maximize health care outcomes.

Safety – We develop and support a patient and worker safety culture in all hospital areas and locations through the promotion of overall teamwork, the concept of 200% accountability, and the use of respectfulness, courtesy and civility in the care we give.