Strategic Plan

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and physicians are pleased to provide you with a copy of its recently adopted strategic plan for the next five years.

This plan will guide the Hospital’s work in effectively carrying out our roles and responsibilities aimed at advancing health and health care in Northwest Connecticut. The promise of creating this shared vision, and working to accomplish a common mission, is the opportunity to move forward together beyond the sum of what any one of us can accomplish alone.

The development of this plan has reinforced our belief in both the strength each employee, provider and volunteer brings to the Hospital, and the critical role of partnership and collaboration in our health care network.  It also affirmed that the Hospital is stable and well-positioned for growth and development, despite the rapidly and ever-changing health care environment.

This strategic plan provides a broad roadmap for the Hospital and is intended to be a dynamic and integrated effort. The overarching goals, which
many hands and talents will help achieve, provide a balanced framework of what needs to be done by us to reach our vision and fulfill our mission. The plan contains objectives and strategies committing us to leadership, advocacy, and quality in health care.

To achieve the full potential of this plan, every individual, department, program and partnership associated with the Hospital must use the plan to help guide their work. While, some initiatives will be undertaken Hospital-wide, many others will rest with the dedicated individuals throughout the organization who strive to deliver quality care and compassionate caring each and every day.

We look forward to implementing our plan with vigor and passion.  We owe it to ourselves and, most importantly, to those we serve, to do no less.