Charlotte Hungerford Annual Appeal

“Freedom From Smoking”
Cessation Program

Sandy Markus
CHH Smoking Cessation Program Facilitator Sandy Markus, RT, helps people make lifestyle changes that matter.

“We offer our Smoking Cessation Program free of charge, and over the last two years, we have helped 70 participants with personalized attention and a specialized, step-by-step approach to quitting tobacco and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are supporting people who wish to take this important step.”
— Sandy Markus, RT

Diabetes Boot Camp

Boot Camp
CHH Diabetes and Endocrinology staff, from left, Lois Pelletier, RN, CDE; Egils Bogdanovics, MD; and Jennifer Pysar, RD, CDE, offer an annual Diabetes Boot Camp that changes lives.

​“With the financial support of our community, my team is able to offer our Diabetes Boot Camp free of charge to
local patients. This three-day weekend retreat educates and motivates people with diabetes. Our goal is to help them
gain a better understanding of the management of diabetes and ensure a healthy future.”
— Egils Bogdanovics, MD

Together we’re building a stronger community.

​Quality, compassionate care

When you or a family member is ill or injured, you turn to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital for quality, compassionate, local care. We are your committed team of caregivers and work every day to provide hope, healing and recovery to you and your loved ones.

As healthcare leaders and advocates in your community, we are equally dedicated to helping improve your health, wellness and the places you call home. To maintain and expand this critical part of our mission, we need your support. With your
help, we will continue to make where you live, work and play safer and healthier.

Why your gift is important to us

Every donation we receive is a worthwhile reinvestment in our community, economy and healthcare services. The critical needs that we address and solutions we offer make a difference right here in northwest Connecticut.

100 percent of the proceeds...

from our Annual Appeal will go to our CHH Community Health Fund, which is our sole resource to support these local community programs.

At CHH, we know it’s important to continue and expand the vital work we do in our region. We can’t do it without you. Your gift in any amount makes a difference. We appreciate your generosity.

Local community outreach programs and services made possible by your generous donations to our Community Health Fund:

  • Free smoking cessation programs
  • Free child nutrition and health workshops
  • Chronic disease and health presentations
  • Free blood pressure and cancer screenings
  • Emergency and disaster coordination
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) donations
  • Early detection breast cancer outreach and navigation
  • Free cholesterol and glucose screenings

CHH also sponsors and assists regional organizations and initiatives

  • Over 20 hospital-based support groups and education programs
  • YMCA and Fit Together partnership initiatives and events
  • NW CT Tobacco-Free Advisory Council
  • Litchfield County Opiate Task Force
  • Gathering Place Homeless Outreach Program
  • Torrington and Winsted Senior Center programs
  • Narcan donations to area first responders