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The world of EMS is changing and growing rapidly, and the expertise and scope of practice of these important healthcare providers has evolved and progressed to enable the delivery of better care to communities. However, with the expanded responsibilities and roles comes much more responsibility. EMS training requirements continue to increase so the need for continuous education to assure the provider competencies remain high.

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital has designed a professional CME curriculum for CHH sponsored paramedics and intermediates to meet the state OEMS requirements, national standards, and those needed to maintain NREMT certification. It is committed to assisting the EMS professional in advancing their skills and keeping them current with trends and developments in the emergency care field.

Continuing Education

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Policies, Protocols & Forms


Below are the CME policies and requirements to maintain medical control authorization through the CHH Sponsor Hospital Program.

Charlotte Hungerford EMS Observation Clinical Rotation Programs Policy 11 E6
Department of Emergency Medical Services Relationship of the EMS Agency and Obligations 12 18 2014
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital EMS AEMT Training Oversight Policy
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital EMS Policies
NREMT Recertification
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital / Campion Ambulance Narcotic Policy
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital EMS Communication Policy


Region V

Connecticut Statewide EMS Protocols

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

Hungerford Emergency Center EMS Transport Protocol for EMS Providers
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital EMS Communication Policy

EMS Forms

Initial Medical Control Application
Renewal Application for medical Control
Paramedic CEU Log
AEMT Preceptor Form
Paramedic Preceptor Form
AEMT IV Competency
AEMT Airway Competency

CT Emergency Medical Services – Communications and Reference Documents

Guidance for STEMI Patients 
CT Presumption of Death Guidelines

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