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Connect to CHH with MyHEALTH

MyHEALTH is a web-based tool that securely connects you to your CHH Hospital Records 24/7, giving you access to vital information that will help you make better, more informed decisions regarding your own health.


With MyHEALTH, you can…

Review Test and Screening Results 
Patients will be able to view their hospital laboratory and radiology results, medications, allergies, demographic information, visit history, discharge/aftercare information, and more.

Visit History and Discharge Information
In addition to handling their own care, parents and health care proxies with authorized consent will appreciate the ability to access the records of those individuals for whom they manage care.

Update Demographic Information
Patients can easily update their current contact information to ensure important communication.

View Scheduled Appointments
Patients will be able to verify upcoming appointment times without the inconvenience of calling the office.

Transmit Health Information
Patients will be able to transmit health information to  participating providers outside the geographic area to assure continuity of care regardless of location.


A Secure Online Experience

MyHEALTH is completely secure, so patients can be confident that their private information is protected. Only the patient – or an authorized family member – can access patient medical information in a MyHEALTH account.


Allow Caregiver & Family Proxy Access

Patients using MyHealth have the opportunity to allow a designee (family member or power of attorney)
to access thier personal and protected health information via this online portal. (READ MORE)


Frequently Asked Questions & Fact Sheet

Get answers to some common questions about MyHEALTH (DOWNLOAD PDF)
Download and print an easy-to-read brochure, or share it with family or friends (DOWNLOAD PDF)



Need Support or Have Questions?

Click Here if you are in need of technical support, or have a general question that has not been covered or addressed.


*Access to the Patient Portal is restricted to patients and designated proxy only. It is not for emergency communications. If you need immediate attention, please call your physician, or 911