Patient Rights

The staff at CHH is first and foremost committed to the safety, care, and satisfaction of patients. Our mission and core values, coupled with the courage and dedication of our staff, inspires us to continue delivering high-quality, affordable, compassionate care to our communities.

As a patient, you are entitled to rights and responsibilities when it comes to your care.

CHH adheres to the following Patient’s Bill of Rights and Patient’s responsibilities.


Office of Quality and Patient Safety to Fully Automate Informational 800 Line

The Joint Commission Office of Quality and Patient Safety (OQPS) is updating its system for receiving reports of patient safety events at organizations. Beginning September 1, 2018, those who call OQPS’s 800-994-6610 telephone line will receive an automated message providing instructions on how to file a written patient safety report or concern. In order to mitigate confusion and provide accurate information, the telephone number will no longer be answered by a staff member.