Homeless Outreach Program

CHH Mental Health Services Homeless Outreach Program
Memorial Building, 2nd Floor

The Mental Health Services to the Homeless (MHSH) is the name of the community homeless outreach program at the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Behavioral Health Center in Torrington, CT county. Funding is provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health (DMHAS), through the Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH).

The Mental Health Services to the Homeless (MHSH) program provides homeless individuals, including families, with outreach, engagement, screening, mental health and substance abuse assessments and intakes. Assessments are provided by the Program Outreach Clinicians.

Other services provided to eligible homeless individuals or families in our homeless outreach program are:
Clinical/case management services; assistance in obtaining and coordinating social services, entitlements and income support services; housing assistance, medical services; referrals to community mental health and substance abuse programs and other services as may be appropriate.

The Mental Health Services to the Homeless Program’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) in Torrington, CT county provides weekly street outreach. Teams are comprised of voluntary, professional staff from numerous organizations and agencies in the service system.

The Outreach Clinicians visit provides services to the Torrington FISH Shelter and the Winchester Emergency Shelter. In addition to shelter referrals and self-referrals, the homeless outreach program receives referrals from all public and private social service agencies in the community.