Complementary Therapies

Comprehensive Complementary Therapies and Support Services

A whole-body approach to cancer treatment and patient support

Complementary Therapies for cancer and complementary therapies in medicine are supportive measures that can be used along with conventional medical treatment. The integrative approach combines modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing interventions for a whole-body approach to healing. Complementary therapies alone are not a replacement nor substitute for traditional medical care.

  • Body, mind, spirit focus can assist the patient:
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Manage symptoms
  • Reduce pain – boost immunity
  • Calm the mind
  • Improve quality of life
  • Provide a means of coping

Complementary therapies are provided by dedicated and experienced individuals who are specially trained to work with oncology patients.

At the CHH Center for Cancer Care, patients have access to the following complementary therapies and support services

Mind-Body Interventions

Mind-body interventions such as self-hypnosis, guided imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique, self-hypnosis, and relaxation techniques are designed to utilize the mind’s ability to affect bodily symptoms and function in complementary therapy. Reduced fee.  Call Roger Newbury, Certified Hypnotist at 860-489-1747.

Touch Therapy

Free Hand and foot massages are offered to patients in the infusion area or while awaiting radiation treatments at the CHH Center for Cancer Care.  Call 860-489-2613 for info.

Lymphedema Services

Services are available for lymphedema prevention and treatment to patients with an oncology history.  Michelle Mojon Whitford,  OT Certified Lymphedema Therapist will teach you ways to prevent lymphedema and awareness of early signs and interventions.  Contact your physician for a referral.

Massage Therapy

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body using a combination of long strokes, gentle kneading and pressure points. Massage is offered at a Reduced fee -30 min. and 1 hr. Complementary therapy sessions are tailored to individual needs of the patient by Michael J. Carr, LMT. Call 860-489-2613 for info.


Reflexology is a complementary therapy practice that uses thumb and finger pressure on specific areas of feet and hands to relax the body, balance the flow of energy, and relieve a variety of symptoms. Reduced fee – 30 min. and 1 hr. sessions provided by Theresa Carr, ARCB Certified Reflexologist. Call 860-489-2613 for info.

Nutritional Consult

Knowing the right foods to eat can make a difference in your recovery. Nutritional consults provide an individual assessment of the patient’s nutritional needs during treatment, addressing issues in change of appetite and taste.  A diet tailored to your needs empowers you and aids in complementary therapies for cancer for physical strength, weight management, endurance and mental outlook during your cancer treatment and beyond. Call 860-489-6718 to schedule your free consult with Registered Dietitian Sharon Hollinden, MS.


Healthy Exercise Lifestyle Program (HELP) is a fee based fitness regimen featuring a thorough assessment of your condition and exercise needs in a supervised environment by clinicians and exercise experts. Offered in Torrington and Winsted.  Physician referral is required. Call Laurene Wallace, RN at 860-496-9512.

Breast and Prostate Cancer Support Groups

Support groups are an informal gathering of cancer patients and caregivers where participants can comfortably express their thoughts and feelings about cancer and its challenges.  Complementary therapies for Breast Cancer and Prostate support groups are led by Janet Hooper, RN. Call 860-496-6396 for schedule and further info.

Case Management

A licensed social worker is onsite three days a week to assist patients with financial needs, Title 19 medical insurance, disability applications, supportive counseling and, referrals to related human services in the community. Call Sally Stanley, Case Manager at 860-489-6718 for info on this form of complementary therapy.