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Cardiovascular Medicine, part of the Charlotte Hungerford Multi-Specialty Group, is a practice of highly skilled and experienced cardiologists that provides preventive, diagnostic and treatment services and medications for heart disease and overall cardiovascular health.

The practice of Cardiovascular medicine offers the same non-invasive diagnostic cardiology tests and procedures that much larger hospitals use to determine the presence and extent of heart disease and problems with the heart. The cardiologists who practice Cardiovascular medicine in CT also work closely with their patients in monitoring and managing their risk factors to ensure the highest possible continuum of heart care. The cardiovascular health practice also holds accreditation in both ICAEL and ICANL, the certifying boards for Echocardiology and Nuclear Cardiology.

Cardiology services at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital are aimed at helping patients with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the heart.

Here are some important reasons why residents of Northwest Connecticut who are experiencing heart related problems should have a Charlotte Hungerford Hospital affiliated cardiologist.

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Cardiologists at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital offer the same non-invasive diagnostic cardiology tests and procedures that much larger hospitals use to determine the presence and extent of heart disease and problems with cardiovascular health.

At CHH, cardiologists who work in Cardiovascular medicine have access to all of the diagnostic tests needed to evaluate the condition of a patient’s heart.Using the detailed information that these tests and procedures provide, CHH cardiologists establish accurate diagnoses and, confirm prognoses and treatment of all types of heart disease.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital cardiologists are highly trained and experienced diagnosticians in cardiovascular health.

All of CHH’s cardiologists are Board-certified and have received medical degrees from highly respected medical schools.They trained at prestigious hospitals with advanced cardiology programs including Hartford Hospital, Staten Island University Hospital and Hospital of St. Raphael.

Dr. Carrie Wolfberg, head of the CHH Cardiology Department, has been rated as one of the top cardiologists in Connecticut.

CHH cardiologists are highly skilled in managing diseases of the heart.

Using their skills and experience in diagnosis and testing to continually evaluate and reevaluate your condition, CHH cardiologists make sure that you get the most appropriate and effective cardiac treatment and therapy at all times. If a non-invasive approach is chosen, your CHH cardiologist will have access to the most up-to-date therapies and treatments available in cardiovascular medicine to treat your heart condition. He/she will work closely with you and your family to make the lifestyle changes that will provide the most benefits to your heart health. If you require direct intervention such as catheterization or surgery, your CHH cardiologist will coordinate the next level of care for you with an affiliated Hartford Hospital specialist.

Whether cardiovascular health treatment requires a direct intervention or conservative care only, your CHH cardiologist will be an invaluable source of ongoing follow-up to help you understand and maintain a watchful eye on your heart health. Using the same cardiovascular medicine treatment therapies and medications as larger hospitals, your CHH cardiologists will continue to work with you in monitoring your condition and assisting you in the management of your care. CHH cardiologists pride themselves on the close doctor-patient relationships that they maintain.

The rapid treatment and access to medical history that Charlotte Hungerford Hospital cardiologists working in conjunction with the CHH Emergency Department provide is critical for patients experiencing a heart attack.

Time is heart muscle when a potential heart attack is involved. Fast action saves lives and increases the potential for a full and quick recovery. When a person goes to the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Emergency Department for cardiovascular medicine in CT at the first sign of a potential heart problem, the doctors and staff immediately start to diagnose and treat the condition. When the patient is under the care of a Charlotte Hungerford Hospital cardiologist, the physician is going to be contacted without delay and consulted about treatment.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital working in partnership with Hartford Hospital has created a seamless treatment and rapid transfer process that has achieved exceptionally high outcomes for their patients.

A rapid transfer process has been established that will get a Charlotte Hungerford Hospital patient to Hartford Hospital’s cardiac catheterization and surgery services in a matter of minutes. LIFE STAR is an integral part of the expanded services offered by CHH, transporting cardiovascular health patients to Hartford Hospital for advanced emergency cardiac care and other high risk emergency conditions.

Upon leaving the CHH Emergency Department, cardiovascular medicine patients are well prepared for any cardiac interventional or surgical procedures that might follow-up, again with the intention of saving critical minutes. Entry into Hartford Hospital’s cardiac services is immediate for patients being transferred from CHH.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and its cardiologists work in close partnership with Hartford Hospital’s Henry Low Heart Center for cardiovascular medicine patients who require advanced cardiac care after being diagnosed and stabilized at CHH’s Emergency Department. CHH cardiologists have trained at the Hartford Hospital’s Henry Lowe Heart Center, and have developed strong working relationships with all of the Hartford Hospital clinical cardiologists, interventionists and cardiac surgeons. Hartford Hospital cardiologists know and respect CHH cardiologists. As a result they get CHH cardiologists involved very quickly when decisions need to be made about their patients and communicate often with them.

Based on data collected by the American College of Cardiology, heart attack patients first seen at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and transferred to Hartford Hospital for needed cardiac procedures have excellent outcomes.

The involvement of a CHH cardiologist is critical to maintaining your continuum of care after a heart attack.

Heart disease is life-long and requires the watchful care of a skilled cardiologist.  Coronary disease does not go away just because a person has had an invasive procedure done, like a stent or by-pass. This intervention just treats the cardiovascular helath symptoms presented at the time but it does not cure the disease. Continuous monitoring and management of risk factors is required as well as a life-long commitment to a heart healthy life-style.

Cardiovascular medicine patients of CHH cardiologists are able to locally receive sophisticated preventive, diagnostic and treatment services and medications for heart disease. CHH cardiologists prepare a complete plan of care for their patients that include life-style modification, exercise, diet and nutrition, stress management and medication therapy. They are knowledgeable about the specific details of any cardiac intervention one of their patients has and work closely with them in managing their heart disease through rehabilitation and beyond.

CHH cardiologists are fully integrated into the recovery process at CHH’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program, monitoring the progress of their cardiovascular medicine patients and remaining accessible if a serious situation presents itself.

CHH cardiologists are easy to reach and to talk to. The rapid access to the medical history that they compile for their patients is critical when important medical decisions need to be made quickly, especially during after-hours emergencies.

CHH’s advanced Cardiac Rehabilitation Program helps you to have a future of heart health and a high quality of life.

After their cardiac procedure, cardiovascular patients are able to return to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital for all of the high quality rehabilitation and follow-up cardiac care services that they need. Patients are able to receive monitoring and medications at a short distance from their homes.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital offers a comprehensive, nationally certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Program consisting of four components – medical evaluation, exercise, lifestyle education and patient support – delivered by a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in cardiovascular health.

The CHH Cardiac Rehabilitation team has extensive expertise in cardiac rehabilitation and cardiac risk factor modification and includes cardiologists, cardiac nurses, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, social workers and pharmacists. National certification by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation sets CHH apart from many other cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular health programs in Connecticut.

CHH’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program provides the highest quality of cardiovascular medicine and rehabilitative care available, from exercise programs to smoking cessation strategies and cholesterol management. Supervised programs are offered in outpatient conditioning, cardiovascular fitness. There are also cardiovascular health education and support groups available at the Hospital and at The Hungerford Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers in Torrington and Winsted.


CHH Heart Talk Program

Heart Talk is a free education program for patients diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) that provides written material and teaching videos to support and promote self-management of heart disease. Families and caregivers of cardiovascular medicine patients may also take part in the program so that they will better understand the care and treatment of patients with CHF.




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