Cardiovascular Medicine

1215 New Litchfield Street, Torrington

860 489 1132

CHH Cardiovascular Medicine, part of the Charlotte Hungerford Multi-Specialty Group, is a practice of highly skilled and experienced cardiologists that provides preventive and diagnostic cardiovascular health services and treatment and medications for heart disease in one of the best hospitals in Connecticut.

The practice CHH Cardiovascular Medicine offers the same non-invasive diagnostic cardiology tests and procedures that much larger hospitals use to determine the presence and extent of heart disease and problems with the heart. The cardiologists also work closely with their patients in monitoring and managing their risk factors as well as trends in Cardiovascular Medicine to ensure the highest possible continuum of heart care.

The practice CHH Cardiovascular Medicine also holds accreditation in both ICAEL and ICANL, the certifying boards for Echocardiology and Nuclear Cardiology.

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