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538 Litchfield Street, Torrington

Memorial Building, Suite 201

860 489 7017

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Surgical Associates is part of its Multi-Specialty Group which specializes in general surgery, performing many of the surgical procedures provided at larger hospitals. Surgeons provide expert treatment for patients with conditions ranging from hernias, appendicitis and gall bladder problems to challenging, life-threatening diseases of the colon, intestine, stomach, glands, breast and skin. Where appropriate, the Surgical Associates use the most advanced techniques for minimally-invasive surgery. They also perform endoscopy when it is necessary to examine internal organs in depth for diagnostic purposes.

The practice accepts most major insurances.

For questions and to schedule an appointment, contact 860-489 7017.

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CHH surgeons at Surgical Associates are specialists in general surgery, performing many of the surgical procedures that are provided at larger hospitals.

For many surgeries a specialist is not required. The experienced Surgical Associates at CHH perform many of the same surgical procedures that are provided at larger, big city hospitals with the same high degree of skill. Patients of CHH surgeons can confidently have their surgery done in a convenient location, close to home, and close to post-surgical follow-up.

The general surgical care provided at CHH is performed safely and competently by our surgeons with excellent patient outcomes.

CHH has high ratings on the Surgical Process of Care Measures for reducing the risk of infection after surgery. CHH’s performance on these quality measures is comparable to larger hospitals known throughout the state for the excellence of their surgical services.

Minimally-invasive, laparoscopic surgery is standard of care for many surgical procedures at CHH.

Because of improved patient outcomes, CHH Surgical Associates choose to perform laparoscopic surgery for many of the conditions that they treat. The technique is commonly used for surgeries involving the gallbladder, stomach, colon and breast. For the patient, minimally-invasive surgery performed by our surgical associates at CHH can mean less postoperative pain and therefore, less pain medication, faster healing for a quicker return home, and smaller, less noticeable scars after healing.

The Surgical Associates have trained at prestigious hospitals with advanced surgical programs and have extensive experience performing surgeries.

All of CHH’s Surgical Associates are Board-certified and have received medical degrees from highly respected medical schools such as Temple University, University of Connecticut and New Jersey Medical School. They have trained at prestigious hospitals with advanced surgery programs including Dr. Ugurlu at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. McGeehin at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia and Dr. Gostkowski at St. Joseph’s in Denver.

The surgeons at Surgical Associates at CHH have been trained in minimally-invasive surgical techniques and have extensive experience performing laparoscopic surgeries. Training and experience in these techniques are very important since minimally-invasive surgery requires different skills than those used with more traditional surgery. CHH general surgeons are highly skilled in performing a detailed surgical procedure while viewing it on a television monitor.

At CHH, the general surgeons provide caring, personalized service to their patients.

CHH’s Surgical Associates of Connecticut know that excellent surgical care goes beyond technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, to concern for their patients’ well-being. That’s why CHH surgeons pride themselves on the relationships they develop with their patients and their families. They become familiar with the details of their patients’ personal lives, and treat them like they are a part of a bigger family, not just a number, lost in a big hospital setting. Since they live in the area and often see their patients in local places, they feel an extra responsibility for them.

In fact, over nine out of ten patients responding to CHH’s satisfaction survey rated the skill of their surgeon highly and said that they treated them with courtesy and respect.

Patients of CHH general surgeons can have their medical follow-up close to home which is convenient and safe.

Follow-up care after surgery is very important factor in having a complete and speedy recovery. After patients are discharged from the hospital, they need to be monitored to ensure that their surgery is healing without complication and that their pain is being effectively managed. CHH surgeons provide thorough post-surgical follow-up care to their patients in a location that is convenient and safe access.

Now Offering Colonoscopies

CHH Surgical Associates now offers Colonoscopies at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in association with CHH Surgical Associates, part of the CHH Multi-specialty group of outpatient service providers.

Convenient hours available.
For information or scheduling, call (860) 489-7017.

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