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If you or a loved one experiences a fall or other emergency, every second counts.  Delays getting immediate help can jeopardize recovery and independence.  Medical Professionals know this, and that’s one reason why Philips LIFELINE is the No.1 medical alert service, trusted by thousands of hospitals and more than 65,000 healthcare professionals. And locally, our program is trusted for its professional, caring and prompt service and there’s no contract to fulfill.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is pleased to offer LIFELINE, a two way voice response transmitter system.  When the help button is activated during a fall or emergency, the transmitter sends a signal to the 24-hour monitoring center to dispatch immediate aid.

For an affordable monthly charge, subscribers can receive help around the clock and not let a fall or other emergency jeopardize their independence.  They will receive fast access to trained response associates, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Once the signal is reached at the monitoring center, within seconds, the person’s name, address, vital information and direct numbers to the local ambulance, fire and police services are displayed on the LIFELINE monitor’s screen.  A trained response associate will talk to the person directly through the “Help communicator” and assess the situation.  Assistance will be dispatched, whether it is by ambulance or a helping hand from a friend, neighbor or family member.

We have several options to meet your needs and preferences.  We offer a communicator that is connected to your phone if you have a landline or we offer a wireless communicator for those that do not have a landline.  Both communicators do need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.  You can choose either a button to be worn on your wrist or a pendant or both.  We also offer a “Fall detection” button called Auto Alert, that is compatible with both the landline and wireless communicators. This device offers an added layer of security.  This comes as a pendant only button that can automatically send a signal if you fall and are unable to press your button.   Auto Alert is the most widely adopted fall detection technology on the market, automatically detecting greater than 95% of all falls.  All buttons are waterproof and can be worn in bath or shower where falls often occur.  They do not need to be charged, giving you the power when you need it most.  Because the button is worn 24/7, unlike a cell phone, it will always be within reach.  We also offer a “voice extender” which is an additional communicator to be placed in a separate location of your home, such as an upstairs bedroom.  This is beneficial when a home is large and you may not hear the main communicator throughout your home.

“Auto Alert” Optional Add-On Service

This is a GPS type button that can go with you anywhere in the USA accessing the AT&T wireless network.  The mobile help button comes as a pendant only and has 6 state of the art location technologies.   It sends an alert when you press your button, has the Auto Alert fall detection feature, and provides direct 2 way communication with all Philips Lifeline response Centers based in the U.S.  You can communicate through your 2 way communicator based in your home or through your pendant if you are outside of your home.  This pendant is also waterproof and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days on one charge.  The communicators are connected via landline or wireless.

We also install lockboxes, providing a safe yet easy way for emergency personnel to enter your home should there be an emergency.

PMD w-cup v2Philips Medication Dispenser

Philips Medication Dispenser is another offering by CHH designed to assist people who rely on their medications to keep them healthy, prevent mistakes such as missing doses, taking incorrect amounts or taking medications at the wrong times.

This dispenser is individually programmed and is connected through a landline phone so if a person misses their dose or if the unit needs to be refilled, the Caregiver or family member on file are notified.  When it’s time for the individual’s medication, the dispenser repeatedly announces “time for your medication” and a large red button flashes until it is pressed and the medication is dispensed.

By helping people take medications on schedule from convenient pre-filled doage cups, the system is designed to help reduce the number of unplanned visits to a hospital or phyisician, and most importantly, allow the person to remain independent.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Lifeline

When choosing your medical response device or medication dispenser, make sure you are working with a dealer authorized by Philips Healthcare like Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

We strive to keep you or your loved one safe at home and independent.

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