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We understand that having a baby is a very special time in a family’s life. That’s why we do everything possible to meet each family’s expectations at our maternity care clinic. Many of our nurses are mothers too. And many of them have delivered right here, so they are well acquainted with your concerns  and needs. That’s why our doctors and nurses work together to provide integrated service at CHH’s maternity center. And, because we’re a community hospital, you can be sure that you’ll know the doctor that delivers your baby.

Single-Room Maternity Care
Some hospitals move you from room to room during labor,  delivery, post-partum and recovery. We won’t. Your entire birthing experience will take place in one room. Each state-of-the-art room features unique décor and a large, private bath to provide the comfort and  privacy you deserve.

Rooming in
After delivery, your nurse will care for you and your newborn as one at our maternity center. You’ll be able to “room-in” with your baby as much as you choose and share the event with your family. Our newborn nursery is available  when babies need individualized attention, but we encourage new moms to spend as much time with their newborn as possible in our maternity center.

We believe the birth of a new child is a family event. We encourage families to be part of the experience. Our rooms are comfortable,  spacious, and designed to accommodate you, your coach, and your family. We have sleeping accommodations for your coach, as well as a large private bath in each room in our maternity center. Many of our patients said they didn’t feel like they were in a hospital.

One-to-One Care
During labor and delivery,  you’ll have one primary nurse who’ll stay with you the entire time to provide you with comfort and support. Your nurse will monitor your progress throughout your labor and work closely with your physician, pediatrician, and family. Our  highly credentialed nurses at our maternity center are trained to handle all aspects of your labor and delivery. The extra level of personalized care they provide is an invaluable resource for each of our patients.

Birthing Plans
We encourage all new moms to work with their doctor to develop a Birthing Plan. Having a plan provides you with a greater sense of control over your labor and delivery. It also helps our nurses understand the kind of birthing experience you desire. Do you want a natural childbirth? Or,  do you prefer to have pain medication? How many people do you want in your room during delivery? Do you want to accommodate your other children? Whichever options you choose, our nurses will work with you,  your doctor, and your family to ensure that your experience is everything you want it to be at our maternity center.

Our job, first and foremost, is to make you and  your family as comfortable as possible. So we offer a number of special amenities at our maternity care clinic. Our whirlpool bath provides many moms-to-be with hydrotherapy and  relaxation during labor.

  • We offer complimentary snacks and a lunch for your  coach. And, after your delivery, we’ll treat you and your coach to a gourmet  dinner, complete with Lobster or Filet Mignon, to celebrate your new arrival.

Education and Resources
Education is the key to making a new mom feel confident in caring for her baby. We offer a flexible schedule of birthing classes for you and your coach, as well as a wide range of resources designed to help new parents develop the skills and confidence they need to care for a newborn.

We also offer outpatient lactation services at our maternity center (make an appointment). Because we’re a smaller hospital, we can provide you with more personal attention and support than you’d receive at many other hospitals. Even after they go home, all our new moms are encouraged to call us if they have questions.

Rated A+ for Safety
Charlotte-Hungerford Hospital works continuously  to maintain the highest standards of care. In fact, based on our ranking in the  98th percentile for patient care and safety, the Joint Commission has given us an A+ rating for patient safety.

The Maternity Center at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital also ranks among the best in the state for Maternity Practices in Infant, Nutrition and Care, based on research conducted by the Battelle Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation conducted by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

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