Closings, Delays & Cancellations

STORM  STELLA – Tuesday March 14, 2017 


CHH Emergency Department at 540 Litchfield ST
(OPEN 24 hours a day)

115 Spencer Street (Winsted Health Center)
(OPEN 9 am to 9 pm)


CHH Outpatient Blood Drawing Services
(Torrington: OPEN 6-10 am, Winsted: OPEN 6:30-10am)


CHH Multi-Specialty Group Practices & Services

CHH Adult & Pediatric Urology CHH Cardiovascular Medicine CHH Diabetes and

Endocrinology CHH Ear, Nose & Throat CHH Infectious Disease CHH Neurology CHH

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery CHH Primary Care of Torrington and Thomaston CHH

Pulmonary & Critical Care CHH Surgical Associates

CHH Medical Walk-In (1598 East Main St., Torrington)

CHH Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

CHH Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
(538 Litchfield St & 1151 East Main St, Torrington)

CHH Behavioral Health Center (Torrington and Winsted)

Partial Hospital Programs (Adult & Adolescent)

Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Services (Day and Evening)

CHH Center for Youth & Families (All Programs)

Opiate Case Management

CHH Outpatient Services (CT Scans, Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, and Ultrasound Services)

CHH Center For Cancer Care/Radiation Oncology Department

CHH Mammography Services

Advanced Medical Imaging

CHH Sleep Center

CHH Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation

CHH Medical Records

CHH Billing & Financial Services & Counselors

CHH Speech Therapy

CHH Gift Shop